We are proud to introduce the all you can eat self-BBQ buffet. More than eighty percent of our customers visit us to enjoy the traditional Korean BBQ buffet that is just like what you would experience if you were in Korea. The buffect includes beef, chicken,pork for meat lovers. Don't worry vegetarians out there! All our dishes from the menu can be turn into a vegetarian dish with no trouble. we also have seafood and variety of vegetables in buffet that will make your BBQ more to a perfection. How does it work? We will set you up with a grill and turn on an individualized fan to evacuate all the smoke on your table. Then, you pick all the food that you would like to BBQ on your table and have a blast!!! Its that easy and simple! yay~!! The BBQ buffet includes unlimited rice on the side as well as Korean traditional seaweed soup.


BBQ Buffet



Meats Beef 


Beef(Bulgogi) / Galbi / Chicken (Regular, Spicy) / Pork (Regular, Spicy) / Squid / Shrimp / Pork belly 





Kimchi / Spring sprout / Salad / Pickle 



Hot Food  


Vegetable tempura / Spring roll / Cinamon Bread / Soup